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About I Am Enough!

The mantra I AM ENOUGH was originally created and trademarked in 2003 during one of my opening lectures for my acting classes. I found that the reason why so many of my students were having a hard time booking acting jobs was because they felt a constant wave of judgment, which took away their power whenever they walked into the audition room. They were looking for approval to tell them that they were good enough to work.

I knew deep inside that they were not alone. For years I struggled with self-esteem. I never felt pretty enough, thin enough or talented enough. Then one day I told myself that I AM ENOUGH and I am capable of being a warrior and I am going to leave my mark on the world. Instilling confidence with my technique that worked along with a constant building up of their power within, helped my students book exponentially.

So, when covid19 came, I felt it was a great opportunity to build my brand I AM ENOUGH and finally get it out to the world. I am sharing my vision to help empower each and every one of you that you are capable of greatness.

Every time you wear anything or use anything from my collection you will be reminded of the power within and that you are enough exactly as you are. Your life’s purpose and your dreams are limitless because YOU are Enough! Believe it. Live it. Wear it. Stand up and be counted! Say it LOUD. Say it PROUD to the world, "I AM ENOUGH EXACTLY AS I AM!" ❤

I want to hear from you! Tell me your story and how you feel when you wear my clothes, sip from the mug, wear the hat... Well, you get the picture.

Amy Lyndon
I Am Enough - Trademark/Creator
CEO - The Lyndon Technique
Multi-Award Winning Actress/Filmmaker