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Have you ever been told that your opinion doesn’t count? Have you been abused in some way; emotionally, physically, ignored or bullied? Do you or have you ever felt broken? Well, that is why you don’t feel like you’re enough. I understand because I have felt all of that.

I started my brand in 2003, but I was told that it would be impossible to do because I didn’t have enough money or knowledge to proceed. At that time, the patterns were cut, the samples were made, but I didn’t receive any positive reinforcement to go on. If I had felt like I had a voice back then I would have proceeded, but I didn’t.

After years of work on building my self-esteem and a huge overhaul on my love for myself, I can finally say I Am Enough. I have something
to say.

Every time you wear anything or use anything from my collection you will be reminded of the power within and that you are enough exactly as you are.

Believe it. Live it. Wear it. Stand up and be counted!

Amy Lyndon
I Am Enough - Creator
Celebrity Acting Coach
Award Winning Actress/Filmmaker